In Memoriam

Mike Leslie Doak

20th December 1942 – 22nd November 2016

Mike Doak was born in Reading to Charlie and Florence on 20th December 1942; after Mike’s birth they returned to the family home in Southampton. Charlie and Florence had four children Mike, Maureen, Pat and Sharron. Mike's father Charlie was a Sub- Mariner and Florence worked at the Super-marine Spitfire Factory.

Mike grew up in Southampton.  He enjoyed school and played for his school football team. When he left school he went into the Merchant Navy following in the footsteps of his uncle, but when they went on strike, Mike decided to follow another route and went to join the Royal Air Force he passed all the tests to become a pilot expect one, he was colour blind, but this wasn’t going to stop him being part of the military and he decided to join the British Army telling the recruiting officer he wanted to drive a tank. Mike joined the 10th Royal Hussars. He remained with them until amalgamation in 1969 when he transferred to the 17th/21st Lancers.

Around this time Mike met and was introduced to Ann by her brother on a blind date. On 23rd October 1971 he married Ann and she joined him in Germany. Even though he was scared of heights he joined the RAC Para Regiment, throwing himself out of planes and helicopters. He flourished in the Army and found his passion, skiing, he became proficient and skilled in the sport and skied for the Regimental team in the Giant Slalom. He later became became a ski instructor and made the most of his time away from the Regiment.

Mike took leave of the Army in 1977 and he and Ann remained in Germany for several years, living and working in Fallingbostel. During this time he was introduced and initiated into Saxony Lodge No.842, on the 30th of July 1980 Passed on the 29th of October of that year and Raised on the 27th of May 1981. He was initiated, Passed and Raised together with MWBro Fred Colbran PGM OSM and they both remained firm friends and Brothers ever since.

WBro Sammy Atkinson and WBro Alec Hannah proposed Bro Mike; he came an extremely active member of the lodge and made Masonry a big part of his life, always willing to help out whenever he could. He even spent a while dog sitting, so that Bro Fred could visit Malta to celebrate his Wedding Anniversary. At one stage Mike and Ann were prepared to return to Germany, to enable him to take the chair of King Solomon in his Mother Lodge.

He was exalted into Royal Arch Masonry on the 16th  October 1982 and then became a Knights Templar in Pilgrim Preceptory No.5. Ann assisted him by making a lot of the Regalia for Mike and his fellow brethren.

Bro Mike was appointed Past Grand Junior Deacon within the Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany. He was moved greatly by this appointment as the Brother with whom he began his Masonic journey, Bro Fred Colbran was Grand Master GLBFG and was able to honour him with this deserved promotion. Bro Mike would try to return as often as he could but in later years, ill health made it impossible to travel great distances. He kept in regular contact with the lodge using Skype.

On his return to England he continued with his Freemasonry moving to Hertfordshire and then Bedfordshire. He became PPr2ndCon  in Hertfordshire.

He was the driving force in the formation of 3rd Preceptory in Bedfordshire becoming the Founding 1st Con of Kingsbury Preceptory No. 557, founding EP of the Hugh de Payens Preceptory No. 681 and a Founding member of the Peter George Preceptory No. 572

He, along with Ann, joined The Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus and The Order of St George; and became a Commissioned Kentucky Colonel. He received his Great Priory Rank in 2014, E.Kt Mike Doak PGtAdeC.

Mike had quite a varied employment history including working as a car salesman in Germany, a Bus Driver in London and a ticket officer on the trains. He finally ended up at Luton Airport working as a security officer. He sadly had to retire due to illness.

Bro Mike will be missed by all that knew him, his great sense of humour, his willingness at all times to help others and his love for Masonry will not be forgotten by Saxony Lodge No.842.