Welcome to Saxony Lodge No 842

As the recently appointed Master of Saxony Lodge No842 the first thing I would like to do is to welcome those who have decided to visit our website.The chances are if you are visiting a website about Freemasonry you are either already a Freemason or someone whom is interested in finding out more about Freemasonry, either way we would be more than happy to hear from you.


It is an absolute honour and privilege and also quite humbling to be Master of this lodge, A lodge which has a predominantly English membership but also members from Germany and elsewhere, one thing for certain is our members are passionate about Freemasonry and that shows in all we do.


Please take the time to look around the website and get a feel for what we are about and what we do, from our location to Forthcoming events, to what we as Freemasons consider one of  our most important issues charity. As previously stated if you have any interest in Freemasonry and are curious to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If of course you are already a Freemason and are interested in attending one of our meetings you would be very welcome and we look forward to hearing from you.